My work has always been inspired by nature, the wilderness and wildlife of the Isle of Mull.

Andy Mortley

All the artwork on this page is available as greeting cards, all designs are £2.00 each (free post).

My work has always been inspired by nature. Wilderness and wildlife are the main attraction, and living on Mull we experience all the seasons weather extremes.

There is an endless change in light and colour, always a challenge to capture.

Over twenty years ago it was a rare sight to spot a fellow birder, before the re-introduction of the white tailed Sea Eagle, Mull wasn't on the birding map.

The Island is now well known for its wildlife diversity and its thrilling to watch magnificent species in their dramatic environment.

I do enjoy painting the birds and animals that I know best like Oystercatchers on Calgary Beach, the sea birds on the Treshnish Islands or a Heron with a perfect reflection in a still rockpool.

I will always want to paint these images, realistically just as I observe them but I have discovered another more expressive method of painting to convey the mood of the moment in a very different way.

I often use old picture glass as a palate and on one occasion viewed the mixed colours from the underside.

The oil paint from this side looked more like ceramic glazes in their strength and depth and thinking that I could use these qualities, a painting was excitedly started.

I found the smooth surface encouraged vigorous work and areas could be scraped away and new colours introduced and scratch marks added another element giving movement or atmosphere.

Painting in this way has presented many problems and at first I considered this work as experimental but my confidence has grown with the enjoyment of painting in this way.

Now its my preferred method of painting and the smooth platform as my canvas allows me to paint in an original and individual style.

I taught myself basic blacksmithing and welding so I could create steel sculptures of birds and seaweed wall designs, this lead to using other metals like tin, copper and stainless steel.

Combining painting,metal work and etching has given me plenty of scope for developing original ideas.

We bought an etching press and have produced regularly limited edition prints. These are hand printed from etched steel plates produced in the traditional way using wax grounds and acid.

Helen and I exhibit our work on Mull and have also enjoyed showing work on other west coast islands through galleries and art centres.

We also sell work through private city galleries in Britain and abroad.


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